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A new brand that presents products and services of passionate designers, artists, producers, gastronomes, who are inspired by Ibiza magic.

I traveled a lot all over the worldlearned, worked, found love, made friends and family, made a lot of experiences as a photographer since 1998

Some years ago I felt like I found the perfect, energetic place that makes all my senses want to shout „WOOOW“

I found a place where visuality and spirit are in a perfect balance and part of the nature! The magic inspires not only the visitors but also the local people.

Many years ago, the hippies started to live there and take care for all those values we really need in our lives! Peace, Love, Adventure, Care of nature, Freedom, Respect...

even if we think, many things are not perfect and need to be changed or to do the things better, for a moment it feels like we are all on the way to make the world a better place!

I started to visualize these moments and collected all these little things, which are catching the wild dreams make people happy, free and feel as a part of a big family…

Follow this feeling!


romel janeski

photographer & entrepreneur

art photography & photdesign since 1998  portraits•commercial•video•design

visual communication consulting